Robomow robot lawnmowers are very popular, with 4 models to cover every need. Their mowers are safe and environmentally friendly, and their patented "grasscycling" means that you don't even have to pick up the cuttings - they are finely shredded and fertilise your lawn!

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The Mowbot range goes from entry level robots, to the Rolls Royce of robotic lawnmowers, the Mowbot 300BL4, which does everything except make the tea. Mowbot mowers are popular and reliable - check out their range to see what one will suit your lawn.

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Our price hounds are sniffing down the best deals in robot lawn mowers all over the UK, and gathering together reviews of new models - be sure to check back to see what garden robot will get you the most bang for your buck! We'll also gather all the garden robot news - read it here first!

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